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What is Project Thanksgiving?

We at D3 have realized that there are always those in every city (and also in Winnemucca) who can't provide a thanksgiving day meal for their family. We all know this is a special time when families get together and enjoy a day of thankfulness and togetherness that helps each family grow closer to one another and thereby spreading this loving atmosphere into the community. Last year, this project was a huge success, and we donated baskets of food to 120 families! This year, D3 Church is partnering with local schools and businesses to provide at least 150 baskets with everything needed for families to celebrate and enjoy a day of togetherness with the rest of our country.

Email: brad@weared3.com to partner with us (in one of the ways below) in helping families celebrate Thanksgiving this year

Ways you can help:

  • Encourage your school (or business) to gather items needed for a thanksgiving day meal, including:

    • Turkey vouchers

    • Boxed stuffing

    • Pack of Gravy

    • Canned cranberry sauce

    • Canned vegetables

    • Canned fruit

    • Canned yams

    • Boxed mashed potatoes

    • Rolls

    • Disposable roasting pans

    • Sparkling cider

    • and other items

  • Donate money to D3 Church, noting it is to be used specifically for Project Thanksgiving supplies

  • Write letters to local grocery stores asking them to get in touch with us and donate goods themselves

  • To ask for other ways you can help, contact brad@weared3.com

Help us serve our community and create a culture of generosity in our city!