Single Mom Saturday 2017

What is Single Mom Saturday?

We at D3 know the difficult and important work that single moms do each and every day to provide and care for themselves and their children, and we want to go all out to love, serve, and bless single moms in our community. We will provide oil changes for their cars, an hour of pampering and relaxation, and childcare for their kids for the whole hour. While all the details aren't set in stone yet, you can rest assured it will be a great hour that everyone would enjoy. While we would love to bless even married mothers because they also deserve thanks and help for all they do, we are reserving it for single mothers because we don't have the necessary time/money/people resources to expand it this year.

When and Where?

Currently, the plan is to have the event at our D3 Church building. Although, depending on volume of people who want to take part, we may have to find a larger or more suitable location to provide all of the amenities well. If this is the case, all who register will be contacted about the switch. We will be providing these oil changes and relaxing times in four one-hour increments from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, May 13th.

How to Participate?

Every single mom who wants to take part in this event MUST REGISTER using the online form below. Don't hesitate to register, as spots will fill up fast!

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